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Dentures on Implants

Dental Implants: A Choice that Offers Outstanding Quality of Life

At Clinique de Denturologie du Collège in Montreal, dental implants have become a popular solution for our patients.


Our dentures on dental implants offer comfort and long-term stability unlike any other type of dentures.


A dental implant is used to replace one, several or all teeth of the jaw by implanting false roots made of titanium into the jaw bone. The dentures are then placed on the implants, providing much greater stability than dentures sitting directly on the gums.


Dentures on implants give you exceptional quality of life and, in addition, they have the look and feel of natural teeth. This is the type of dentures that offers the greatest comfort.


Dentures on Implants: They Are Most Preferred Prosthesis Due to Their Many Advantages

Dentures on implants are certainly the most advantageous and the most popular dentures. They are more expensive than standard dentures, certainly, but they provide many benefits. Your quality of life is greatly improved with implants, which offer remarkable stability.

Among their many advantages such as maintenance of the jawbone, dentures on implants provide:

  • Natural Appearance
  • Greater Stability
  • Easy, Pain-Free Chewing
  • Painless Installation
  • Natural Feel


Jawbone Maintenance

When a tooth is extracted from the gum, the jawbone gradually narrows and shrinks back. Over time, this can change the physiology of your face. However, with implants, the jawbone is maintained.

Natural Appearance

With their look of natural teeth, dental implants are very attractive.


Great Stability

Dental implants are fixed into the gum, so they allow you to talk and smile with confidence, without fear of losing your dentures at an inconvenient time.

Easy, Pain-Free Chewing

Dentures on implants do not move when you eat, facilitating chewing and, by extension, food digestion.

Painless Installation

Dental implants are installed under local anesthesia, so you do not feel any pain.

Natural Feel

Dentures on implants will feel like natural teeth in your mouth.

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