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Soft Base Dentures

Used especially for the lower denture, the soft base is a cushion integrated into your dentures. Since it is more porous, the soft base adheres better to your remaining gums, improves stability in your mouth and is less irritating to your mucous membranes. Your denturist will bake the soft base into the prosthesis when making your dentures.


The soft base will not stop the natural atrophy process, and the shape and thickness of your gums will continue to change. To make sure your new soft dentures provide uninterrupted comfort over time, you should have them checked every year and change them if necessary. You will prolong the health of your gums, ensuring maximum adhesion. Also, because of its porous texture, the soft base is not as easy to clean. Therefore, an annual review is also necessary to prevent problems related to hygiene. The denturist will recommend highly effective cleaning products.

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